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Welcome to Grovehill Church of The Resurrection (The Church Behind The Chippy)

Grovehill Community Centre

Hello to everyone visiting this website!

Grovehill Church building is back open again for public worship, and it is lovely to have a physical congregation again. We have enjoyed a regular large following of service attendees on Facebook, and we will continue this ministry to those who aren't ready to come back yet, and those who live further away and yet are still part of the Church family.  The furthest i know of live 203 miles away, and someone watched from holiday in Greece!

We are following all of the social distancing rules, and we are all encouraged to wear face coverings - either masks, scarves or visors. we aren't singing at the moment, but we are finding ingenious ways of providing musical worship. We are sharing The Peace in non contact ways, also remembering those on line, and we are receiving the Communion bread in sealed pots which don't add to single use plastic waste. Whilst we don't have Junior Church yet, children are welcome and are safely involved in the service. We are unable to promise toilet access at the moment.


We are very careful about the positioning of the broadcasting camera, and so you are not broadcast on the internet unless we have your permission.


If you have ZOOM, our church provides a variety of prayer, social and study gatherings. Please email [email protected] for a ZOOM invite. Information about our ZOOM activities can be found on our Notice Sheet.


We seek to involve everyone who wants to be involved and to leave no one behind. Please help us to do that by being a good neighbour to those who don't have internet access.

Together we will be who God is calling us to be.


God Bless


Revd Austin


Revd Austin Janes

Team Vicar of The Church Of Resurrection

Grovehill and Woodhall Farm

Hemel Hempstead

01442 270585

[email protected]












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