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Welcome to Grovehill Church of The Resurrection (The Church Behind The Chippy)

Grovehill Community Centre

I hope it still feels strange for us all to not be meeting and worshipping in church in person. I don't want to get too used it because, where possible, it is so important to come together. Maybe a lesson can be learned from a glowing coal in an open fire. If you take that coal out and leave it separated from the others, it will soon grow cold and grey, but when it is returned to the fire and the other coals, it begins to glow again. I pray that in our time of separation we will not be growing cold, but longing to meet together when we can.


The Government is allowing churches to open for private prayer from Monday 15th June. The Church of the Resurrection will be cautiously reopening its doors. Guidelines and risk assessments will be in place for our safety. If you visit the church, please sit in the designated chairs with 2 meters around them. Please observe hand cleaning and isolation if you are ill or have been in contact with others who are affected.

Please do not leave and literature or bottles in church. Hand gel will be available. The surfaces will be cleaned appropriately and 72 hours left in between open periods.


A decision has been made by Rev Austin and the Church Wardens on behalf of the PCC not to open the Church for Sunday Service from the 5th July 2020. This decision has been based on the feelings and ability of a large proportion of the current congregation about coming back to the Church building.


In the meantime we have fully embraced Facebook Livestreaming and Zoom Socials and Bible Study chats. We have Zoom after the services and Zoom Night Prayer at 9.30pm. Out Youth Group for 10-13 year olds will be experimenting with a game of Zoom UNO! Do email if you would like to be involved with the zoom gatherings.


You are all welcome to follow the Sunday morning services live at 11.00am by visiting the Facebook page called "Grovehill Church of the Resurrection - The Church Behind the Chippy". You can also view these services at a later time and date. You can also see the services on YouTube. Please see our website links for these YouTbe services.


We hope that we will continue to be accessible on line, even when we have been able to return to our Church building.


If you are able, please consider supporting our church through the 'Just Giving ' button on this page. If you would like to support in other ways, please email Revd Austin and he will put you in touch with our treasurer.


God Bless and Stay Safe

Revd Austin Janes


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