Welcome to the Parish of Grovehill and Woodhall Farm

The Church building is located in Grovehill and is called

The Church of the Resurrection

It is also known as "Grovehill Church" or "The church behind the chippy"

About Us

Here at Grovehill Church, we aim to welcome everyone, whether they usually go to church or not. We are a growing congregation which always meets for a main service at 11am on Sundays. 
If you have ZOOM, our church provides a variety of prayer, social and study gatherings. Please email revaustin@sky.com for a ZOOM invite.

You may notice that the website is changing and not complete. We are doing a major overhaul and this will take a few weeks to get everything together and working properly

Silent Prayer &

For a quiet place in the community

Silent Prayer

Every Wednesday 7-7:30pm


TIme to calm down and escape from the bustle of normal life for a little while. To recharge oneself.

Private Prayer Monday 9-12
Thursday 11-1   In church

Night Prayer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9:30pm Via Zoom

Ladies Bible Study Wednesday 12 noon   Via zoom
We are very open and have no right or wrong answers.  What we do have is lots of laughs and fellowship. We are currently studying ‘Hope’

HardCor Youth Group 2nd and 4th Sunday 6pm – 7pm   via Zoom

Causeway Church 1st Sunday of the Month – 3:30pm   via Skype

All inclusive service for adults with additional needs and their friends and carers.

Zoom Café 12 noon after service   Via Zoom