Did you know that current regular and dependable giving sustains such things as:
•Ministry stipend contribution and expenses
•Support and Training
•Building maintenance
•Telephone Bills
•Worship costs

Listed below are some of the many ways you can help our church run day to day. 
If you feel could help with any of these roles please speak to the vicar, reader or churchwarden for more information.
This list is not exhaustive, if you notice something else that needs doing or dealing with please speak to Revd Austin.

Sunday Morning

  • Mouse controller
  • set up and put away projector
  • Welcomer before service
  • Refreshments after service
  • Music and sound
  • Junior church leader
  • Creche assistant
  • Reader
  • Intercessions
  • Communion assistant
  • Organ player (or other instrument)
  • Steward (prepare church)
  • Counting and recording collection

Committees and Administrative 

  • Social Committee
  • Parish Church Council (PCC)
  • Joint Church Council (JCC)
  • GDPR
  • Safeguarding
  • Deanery Synod
  • Finance
  • Electral Roll Officer
  • Keeping of records (Banns, Baptisms etc.) 
  • Keeping records for licanses e.g. Hymns for Copyright license
  • IT - Website, Facebook, Zoom etc
  • Preparing Notice sheet
  • Updating Notice Boards


  • Flower arranging
  • Church cleaning
  • Church Hall cleaning
  • Assisting at Funerals
  • Pastoral visiting
  • Helping at HardCOR Youth Group
  • Helping at Causeway Church
  • Helping at Messy Church
  • Leading Bible study groups
  • Helping at Toddler church
  • Gardening
  • Building Maintenace
  • Transport (giving lifts to and from services)
  • Risk assesments and safety checks
  • Helping at School assemblies
  • Baptism visiting
  • Bereavement visiting